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**Seats are limited to 18 entrepreneurial women.



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A series of hands-on practical exercises designed to inspire you and get to the heart of what makes your brand uniquely brilliant. By the end of the day, you will be able to clearly define your unique brand identity and be able to articulate & communicate what sets you apart.


You’ll leave with a curated portfolio that potential clients can spot at fifty paces.

A workshop designed for small business growth


Gain the clarity needed to clearly define & articulate what your brand identity is and what it isn't. Discover how to leverage your brand to attract & enchant the exact clients you want to work with.


Feed your inspiration, fuel your creativity and reimagine your brand vision. Be inspired in this magical setting to open the door to what is truly possible within your business.


Business momentum is rooted in clarity & inspiration. You'll leave the workshop with the focus, confidence and tools you need to create extraordinary momentum in your business & raise your game.

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"The confidence to do things the way I want,

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Reserve Your Seat Today

**Seats limited to 18 women entrepreneurs.

The Setting


Willowdale Estate, an authentic country manor, offers an understated elegance designed to stir the imagination and inspire wonder.


The magical location is the ideal spot to reset your thinking, elevate your vision and step into what you're truly capable of.


Food is one of the main attractions. Either way, you're in for an absolute treat.

Reserve Your Seat Today

**Seats limited to 18 women entrepreneurs.

The Venue

The Willowdale Estate is located less than 30 miles north of Boston and sits along the banks of the Ipswich River amid pristine woodland surroundings of the 720+ acres of the Bradley Palmer State Park.



Bradley Palmer State Park

24 Asbury Street

Topsfield, MA 01983


An Impactful Day In An Inspirational Setting

To join us for us for this inspirational, informative, and energizing 1-day workshop, please reserve your place below. There are a maximum of 16 places available and early booking is recommended.



Your small business growth investment includes all course materials, a strategic, creative, and uplifting one-day workshop with Julie Spence, as well as an exquisite lunch prepared by a masterful culinary team. You are going to love it!


Frequently asked questions

Booking Terms

No, I'm glad you asked. It's something I've given lots of thought to, but on a practical level, I can't make it work. Instead, Caz and I will be on hand throughout the day to offer support and guidance where you need it. We'll also be running smaller group breakout sessions where we'll be able to work with you more closely. If spending an extensive amount of time one-to-one with me is really important to you, how about booking A Day with Moxie instead?

Cancellation Policy

Eighteen guests plus the three of us on the team. It'll be a lovely number! I've booked out all of the bedrooms which means that aside from the odd local guests for yoga and those using the restaurant, we'll have the place pretty much to ourselves.

Copyright Content & Course Material

No, thanks for asking. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, this is about giving you the time and space to create exceptional work for your business. It's about the connections you make and the moments you share with entrepreneurs who share the same values and ambitions as you. Much of this happens outside of the workshop sessions. By the pool, over dinner and so on, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity. Secondly, it's important to maintain the integrity of the group. I never cease to be amazed at the connections that are made, the friendships are forged and the memories made on the retreat. It's a precious thing. My own family have always flown out to Palma to join me once the retreat is over, which has worked really well, and I know quite a few of this year's guests spent time on the island with their loved ones once the week after so perhaps that would work for you?


Yes. All of the Brand Stylist workshops and events are open to both men and women but the retreat has been designed exclusively for women. There’s something quite magical that happens when a group of female entrepreneurs get together so we have made the decision to make the retreat for women only. This may change for 2020 so do keep in touch if you’d like to join us.

Getting to Willowdale Estate

Goodness, it really is very hard to say. It depends on your experience, your vision and you as an entrepreneur. This retreat is designed to give those of you who are serious about making your business a success the time, inspiration and space to create a splash. You'll get out what you put in and the investment reflects the level of value you'll get from the experience. You'll need to be pretty commercially minded I'd suggest. Only you'll know whether you're at that level or not yet.

Waiting List

No, thanks for asking. This is a transformative experience for just 18 guests. Everyone on the retreat will be staying at Cal Reiet and that's part of the magic. The friendships made, the ideas shared and the clarity gained is a really special thing and it's worth investing in giving yourself the time and headspace you need to get the most out our time together.

Overnight Accommodations

I'd love to, but it would be a logistical nightmare! Eighteen fabulous entrepreneurs flying in from around the world at varying times... Cal Reiet is around 45 minutes from Palma airport and should cost between 60 and 75 Euros in a taxi. I'll open a Facebook group in June where you can connect with your fellow retreatees and organise taxi shares if you'd like to.

Event Photography

That makes two of us! Photography is a huge part of the experience at all of The Brand Stylist events. It helps us all remember and celebrate everything we've achieved and also share the magic with those who weren't able to make it. Cecelina will be unobtrusively capturing all of the moments throughout the retreat and I'm sure you'll adore what you see. It's worth remembering also that I'd never share an unflattering photo, and neither would she.

Photo Sessions With Virginia

No, thanks so much for asking. Cecelina is is with us to shoot for The Brand Stylist and I'm afraid there isn't space in the schedule to arrange individual photoshoots. We do, however, heartily encourage you to bring your camera and enjoy creating your own record of this beautiful space. For those who would like, Cecelina will offer a travel photography breakout session which I know from experience will be incredibly inspirational.

Dietary Restrictions

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