7 Website Must-Haves You Need to Succeed in 2019

Updated: Jun 15

Your website is the most important small business growth asset you own. Therefore it's critical to choose a web designer wisely one who will ensure your investment is well-taken care of.

Sadly, I've worked with countless bootstrapped entrepreneurs who've wasted thousands of dollars on websites that simply don't work. What they got was a over-priced online marketing brochure that may look pretty but, does not drive brand awareness, attract droves of website traffic or convert visitors into buyers and raving fans.

Today's modern entrepreneur must harness the power of marketing automation and lead generation to grow a thriving business. Building a revenue generating website is complex and takes a holistic, brand-centric, growth-driven design approach. Ideally, the web designer you hire is fluent in brand communication and digital marketing best practices.

Remember, your website is your personal mission control center, your virtual sales and marketing team, dedicated to helping you strategically welcome visitors, clearly communicate what makes you unique, position you as a credible, trusted expert and gracefully guide visitors through each step of the buyers journey.

At Moxie our entire design and client relationship approach is different than the others. First things first, we're deeply rooted in your success--we partner with you to strategically design the most important asset in your business.

Second, we're not in it for a quick win. Sure, we could quickly turn over dozens of gorgeous websites every week that lack the invisible sales engine needed to properly propel it but we just don't think it's ethical. Unfortunately, that's not the norm.

Honestly, it's pretty easy to build a website that looks pretty darn good. As brand and web designers we usually have ideas that you haven't even thought of or knew existed. Without a holistic understanding of all the pieces of the puzzle your website will most likely get lost in a crowded online world.

When we design a website we take into consideration everything but the kitchen sink; brand identity, copywriting, SEO, lead generation, product marketing, graphic design, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, analytics and whole lot more. This approach ensures you are set-up for extraordinary success.

There are hundreds of little things we look at to ensure our client websites have everything they need to thrive. We've narrowed the list down to our top 7 website must-haves you need to succeed in 2019.

1. Brand Clarity

2. User Friendly Design

3. A Clear Path to Purchase

4. Lead Capture System

5. SEO

6. Analytics

7. Platform Integration


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