Out of office...gone skiing

Happy Holidays,

As the holiday approaches, I'll be transitioning to 'Out of Office' for the next 12 days to be completely spontaneous and make lots of memories with my family unbound by schedules, email and social media posting.

It’s essential to my personal well-being and also to me as a parent that I take this time off. What I think is sometimes underestimated is that it’s also essential to me as an entrepreneur. I’m constantly asked how I can be so productive: long holidays, inspiration and focus are my answers.

I know what I want and was fortunate enough to have the skillset and experience to build with intention a business model that enables me to take 2 weeks in June to visit St. John, USVI, 6 weeks off in July + August to be with the kids, 2 weeks at Christmas, February and April vacation and numerous other days throughout the year.

Although I'll be 100% present with my friends and family, by design my business will run on auto-pilot. Blogs will be delivered, social media posts will be shared, and online courses and programs will be purchased.

I'm certainly not boasting and trust me it takes a lot of planning and hustle to prep for this time off. But, I learned how to do it without stalling profitability.

I plan to ensure consultancy and VIP Strategy Days are completed prior to vacations. And I work tirelessly to ensure my sales funnels are working efficiently and my online courses give students everything they need without my input to succeed.

With COVID-19, this holiday break will look different from the rest. I'm so happy to have all three kids back under one roof and can't wait to simply unwind and recharge.

Have a great few weeks, and I look forward to seeing you after the New Year! xx