So, You Want to Create an Online Course

If you've ever considered exploring the possibility of creating an online course, I can't wait to show you exactly what it takes. Click here to hop on the behind-the-scenes email list and watch the strategy & design process in real-time!

For 25+ years I've been launching profitable products and services for global brands and I can't wait to show you exactly how to design, marketing and sell your own profitable online course.

Ready to get started?

Here's the skinny: a profitable online course will change the trajectory of your life.

  • an online course will give you a reliable, low-maintenance stream of passive income

  • an online course will boost your brand recognition and position you as an expert in your niche, helping you increase service & product revenue

  • an online course will help you make a bigger impact in the world

  • an online course can absolutely be created on a shoestring budget

  • an online course can be created with ZERO experience

Over the next several weeks, follow me behind-the-scenes as I build out my online course. Watch the entire creative process in real-time!

Week 1, I'm going to walk you through my strategy for building an email list of interested buyers months before launching. This week we're going to focus on sending an announcement to your existing clients, creating a segmented list in your email service provider, and setting up a simple opt-in page that acts as a waitlist for VIP clients. If you're on the VIP list, keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation to join LIVE!

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