The Subtle Art of Disrupting Status Quo

Updated: Jun 15

Today marks the thirtieth-day of the longest government shut-down in history and Trump has offered a deal that democrats are sure to reject. Clearly some big decisions must be made to disrupt status quo.

The number of decisions we make on daily basis, big and small, is mind-boggling when you really stop and think about it. Even ordering coffee requires complex decision-making, "I'll take a grande, iced, sugar-free, vanilla latte with soy milk or better yet a triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato." Pretty exhausting, right?

It's no wonder when decision-making fatigue sets in status quo wins every time.

Here's a marketing insiders secret; despite what you might think status quo is your biggest competition. If you're looking for an unfair competitive advantage -- pry inside the mind of your prospects and unravel how they weigh competing arguments against one another. Let me explain . . .

Have you heard the ancient story about Buridan's Ass? It refers to a hypothetical situation in which a donkey stands precisely between two identical bales of hay. The hungry donkey contemplates the best bale to choose but is paralyzed with indecision. They both look exactly the same. Unable to make a rational decision between the two choices, the donkey finally dies of starvation.

This of course is impossible to believe. A donkey standing between two bales of hay would not allow himself to starve to death, would he?

The story of Buridan's Ass was used to mock a philosopher name Jean Buridan. Buridan believed people would always choose the option that represented the greater good. If they were faced with two similar options, they would wait until it was perfectly clear which was the best choice before making a decision. Idling in status quo.

Ironically, Buridan was right! When people are faced with two very similar solutions and have trouble dilineating the clear winner, they will in fact put off making a decision until it is perfectly clear to them which one is best, classically referred to as "paralysis by analysis".

Bottom line. If the benefits of your solution (products and/or services) are murky and your prospect has the time to delay the decision-making process without experiencing a whole lot of pain, your prospect will undoubtedly delay and drag their feet every time. It's a natural human reaction--one that's backed up by heaps of scientific research.

One of the ironic paradoxes of life is that our big decisions are less calculated than our small ones are. We agonize about what to stream on Netflix for so long once we finally make a decision it's too late to start the movie and we end up just going to bed. Buying a new laptop may involve weeks of Google search, but the deliberations behind the strategic launch of a game-changing marketing campaign consists of a cheap bottle of wine while watching the Bachelor.

At Moxie, our number one priority is disrupting status quo by curating buzz-worthy campaigns bursting with an innovative mix of strategies and tactics to motivate prospects to quickly and confidently make the decision to choose you.

Simply stated, we make your bale of hay stand out. We position your solutions in a way that is so appealing prospects instantly recognize the extraordinary value and benefits you offer.

At Moxie, we've uncovered the science behind the the subtle art of disrupting status quo. Whether you're a startup launching a new business or a seasoned entrepreneur rebranding, reenergizing or reimagining an existing product or service, our integrated marketing and PR campaigns will help you increase visibility, attract the right buyers and most importantly help you disrupt status quo.


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