Top 10 Platforms to Build Your Online Course

Online courses are incredible. They’re a spectacular vehicle for you to leverage your experience and share your knowledge with your audience, building trust and community — the key ingredients of a rave worthy brand!

The idea of publishing material online sounds straightforward, but of course it’s a

little bit more complicated than that. You have to develop the curriculum, design the course progression, and add media and resources. The good news? An online course creator makes this process very simple. There are tons of platforms to choose from, so it’s important to pick the one that gives you the best tools to make, publish, and run your online course.

To give you a head start, we’re taking today’s post to talk about 10 different options for you to use. We have to start off with a disclaimer: We’re partial to Kajabi, and that’s our online course platform of choice. (No, we don’t have a paid partnership, we just think they’re awesome!)

We’re well aware that what works for us might not work best for you. After all, your business is unique! So, we’re still going to round up nine other options for you to check out. Without further ado, let’s cover 10 of the best platforms for you to create and sell online courses.


This platform lets you arrange PowerPoints, PDFs, and videos in a full course flow. Then, you can publish them and promote them on the platform, which is free for instructors! If you make a sale, Udemy takes a transaction fee. The great part about Udemy is that you have access to their library of tutorials and tech support to help you build your online course.

Check it out.


Skillshare allows you to create a course with video lessons and a project. You can pre-record all of your lessons and upload them directly to the platform. Students on Skillshare pay either monthly or annually — and that’s how you make your money!

Premium Referrals: Get $10 for every student you bring to Skillshare that signs up for a Premium Membership.

Royalties: Earn royalties based on the number of minutes watched in your classes every month.

Skillshare boasts that their top teachers are making $100,000 a year!

Check it out.


Integrate this platform’s easy-to-use online courses with your website so that you can control everything from a single location — and maintain your branding. Not a designer or developer? No worries. Their sales pages and layouts are easy to build beautiful courses. There are three payment options: Basic, Pro, and Business at monthly and annual price points.

All of the plans include unlimited courses and students. The basic plan runs as low as $29/month on an annual commitment, but requires a 5% transaction fee on each sale; these fees are eliminated at both the pro and business levels, which cost $99 and $249 respectively.

Check it out.


Forget about transaction fees with Podia! Whether you’re building an online course, memberships, digital downloads, or webinars, this platform can deliver. Additionally, its cross marketing efforts touch email, website, and chat features — giving you even more cross platform flexibility. You can start with a two week trial, and the basic plan runs as low as $39/month with an annual plan.

Check it out.


Next up is a platform for our more ambitious entrepreneurs. If you’re planning to build a course from scratch, consider this full-feature solution. Like Podia, you can forget about transaction fees (except for your payment processor of choice, i.e. PayPal or Stripe); Thinkific is also $39/month if paid annually.

Check it out.


This brings us to our personal favorite: Kajabi. We love this powerhouse platform because it allows you to sell memberships, create training portals, and make any digital product a transaction that works for your business! Not to mention, you get an email marketing system rolled in, too. You can start off with a 14-day free trial, and then pricing begins at $119/month with an annual subscription.

Check it out.


This platform integrates well with WooCommerce, Stripe, Zapier, and WordPress plugins. It’s unique because instead of recurring monthly fees, you only have a one-time purchase fee of $159 for basic, and $329 for pro.

Check it out.


This platform is a great option which helps you upload and convert your content, develop courses, and completely build out your “school.” It’s quite interactive with a robust sales page builder that allows you to test. Try out a 30-day trial (without putting down a credit card!); the monthly fee is only $24 if billed annually. There is a $5 fee for each sale on the starter plan, but the higher plans waive the fee.

Check it out.


Pathwright is an all-in-one design, learning, and teaching platform — designed by teachers! Create “master” courses and reuse or enhance the curriculum without deleting the original version. The starter plan is $89/month when paid annually and allows unlimited courses for 1,000 active users.

Check it out.


As the name implies, it’s all about the experience with this online course. This gamification platform encourages more engaging courses — claiming to boost your completion rates by 10-30%! The modules are created on a point system to encourage participation. Additionally, you can automate course progression with email and text marketing.

Xperiencify integrates well with Zapier and the launch plan is just $49/month for unlimited courses and students, plus a 4.9% transaction fee.

Check it out.

Here at Moxie, we’re passionate about helping female entrepreneurs like you share your know-how with the rest of the world. You’re a talented, creative woman who is hoping to build a following and generate a little bit of extra revenue by teaching what you know. The perfect platform to share your vision is out there. (Maybe it’s on this list!)

Think about your budget, current technology stack, and your goals. Check out a couple of free trials and don’t commit to anything too early. You have incredible vision and big goals — we can find the right platform that takes your business to the next level. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We love talking digital marketing.