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A comprehensive and immersive consultancy offering for female founders.

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Consultancy for visionary entrepreneurs

As a modern entrepreneur, you need an incisive vision; for what your brand stands for and where you are headed. You need to communicate in a way that consistently connects with your audience and as a busy entrepreneur the ability to retain focus in an increasingly 'noisy' world.


At Moxie we are rooted in empowering women on their entrepreneurial journey and are honored to help you shape your business model, style your brand, refine your message and implement marketing technology to help you work smarter not harder. 


As a seasoned brand and digital marketer, I'll find clarity in your message, carve out a distinct space in the market, and build value in your offering. I'll help you infuse a memorable story throughout your brand assets; your website, email communications, social media, and blog content.


What sets Moxie apart is our ability to not only ideate brand visions, but also execute, I'll implement core marketing systems to support ongoing brand awareness, customer acquisition, lead nurturing, and automated sales. And that includes stunning logo & website design, email templates, sales copy, landing pages, and payment gateways.

This is an immersive and comprehensive offering and I’ll really throw myself into realizing the potential within your business. For that reason, I take on a very limited number of projects every year. Just a handful of well-funded startups or larger, more established businesses in the consumer and lifestyle sectors where I know I can really add value.

Sometimes all it takes is someone a few paces away to articulate, refine, and bring your vision to life. 

"You have truly made an impact on me with your work. I had tears in my eyes... after many years, it's the first time someone had interpreted my vision is such a beautiful way! Thank you so much Julie! You have exceeded my expectations!


Case study: One Mindful Breath

Creation of a new mindfulness coaching brand including a new website, lead capture forms, welcome email series, and more. Case study coming very soon -- can't wait to share this one with you!

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If you're a visionary entrepreneur with a big idea, I'd love to hear from you. Consultancy is an immersive and comprehensive offering, and I take on a very limited number of projects every year. Just a handful of well-funded startups or larger, more established businesses in the consumer, lifestyle and health tech sectors where I know I can really add value. If you have a smaller project, do take a look at A Day with Moxie which might just be the perfect fit!